New tool: Udemy-Plugin for WordPress

I noticed there is no way to include Udemy course information into a WordPress article or page. So I created a small plugin that does exactly that: it lets you embed all Udemy course information into your WordPress website.


  1. Install the plugin as usual by uploading it from the “plugins” menu. Activate it. If you cannot activate it, you still use PHP 5.2. You should upgrade PHP to at least 5.4.
  2. The text editor in text mode now has a new button called “Udemy”. You can also enter the udemy shortcode manually.
  3. All parameters (see below) are optional, except for the course ID. If not explicitly stated, they are set as „no“.


  • id=“CourseID“: Course ID (number)
  • show_teacher=“yes“ | „no“: Show name of teacher
  • show_rating=“yes“ | „no“: Show rating
  • show_all_ratings=“yes“ | „no“: Show text of all ratings
  • show_length=“yes“ | „no“: Show length of course
  • show_students=“yes“ | „no“: Show number of students
  • show_promo=“yes“ | „no“: Show promo video (works only if allow_url_fopen is active)
  • max_description=““: max. length of description
  • ourprice=“Preis“: Show YOUR price (will be shown on the buy button)
  • affiliate=“url“: Any URL you want on the buy button (affiliate, coupon link, whatever). If not set, the standard buy url will be used.

The plugin will use your theme’s CSS. It cannot be used on blogs! If you want to translate it to other languages than German or English, you can use the .po files in the lang folder with the PoEdit software.


udemy-shortcode Version 1.4 (8 KB, ZIP)


Master Publishing your eBooks and Books on the German Market


Germany is the largest non-english book market - and the third largest book market world wide. But the German e-book market gets more and more interesting too. While in the US and the UK it has become increasingly difficult to reach a top position, the e-book-market in Germany is not yet as mature. Being a successful author abroad, there is no better time than now to try it for yourself. This course will introduce you to the market and all its players.

It is tought by a renown expert on all things self-publishing. Matthias Matting, the president of the German self-publishers association and founder of Selfpublisherbibel, is a proven instructor – and he knows what he's talking about. Everything you need to know is shown either in slides or in screen-casts that you can directly follow on your own computer.

The only things you need are: a book that you want to translate, an interest in the German market and this course. Fiction or non-fiction, both are covered. The language barrier will be gone because you can see and follow all the necessary steps on your own screen. You will learn the trade, and the course makes sure you don't forget the rules: Matting will also introduce you to book specific laws and regulations in Germany like "Preisbindung" or "Titelschutz". Where and how do you get ratings? What can you do to market your book?

To work through the course, you will need about one weekend. To follow all the steps though takes four to six weeks, and that does not include the translation itself.

Dozent: Matthias Matting
Kurslänge (Minuten): 218
Teilnehmer : 22
Bewertung: 4.5

Alle Bewertungen

Elias Losana (26.12.2016) Rating: 5

Laurel Decher (04.05.2016) Rating: 4
One of the leading German self-publishers gives you access to his best thinking about self-publishing options in Germany. This course is designed for authors who are writing in English and want to sell German translations of their books in Germany. I found it useful for learning about German publishing laws, e-book distributors, and other differences between the American and German markets. The instructor answers questions quickly too.

Original-Preis: €19.99

About Matthias Matting

Matthias Matting, geboren 1966, ist Physiker und Journalist und einer der erfolgreichsten deutschen Self-Publishing-Autoren. Er hat über 50 Bücher im Self-Publishing veröffentlicht und ist Autor des offiziellen Amazon-Bestsellers 2011. Für sein Buch „Reise nach Fukushima“ erhielt Matthias Matting den 2011 erstmals ausgeschriebenen Buchpreis „“ in der Kategorie Sachbuch. Matting ist als Programmleiter eBook bei der Münchner Verlagsgruppe tätig. Er arbeitet außerdem als Kolumnist für das Nachrichtenmagazin FOCUS, als Autor für Federwelt und Telepolis und betreut die wöchentliche Video-Kolumne „Mattings Warentest„. Schließlich gibt er auch Seminare an der Akademie der Bayerischen Presse und an der Online-Akademie Udemy. Matthias Matting ist Vorsitzender des Selfpublisher-Verbandes.